Providing support to journalists and media around the world
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I work with organizations such as the U.N., the U.S. State Department and international media development and press freedom organizations to support professional and independent media. I specialize in working with media in conflict-affected and transitional environments.


With over twenty years of experience as a journalist, journalism educator, media development practitioner and researcher, I look forward to working with you to provide results-oriented services including assessments, formulations and evaluations. 


Some of my recent assignments have included:

  • Support CPJ with their Afghanistan emergency response.

  • Evaluation of EU-funded multi-country (sub-Saharan Africa) Covid response media support program.

  • Lead on support to radio/journalism division at the University of the South Pacific.

  • Evaluation of investigative reporting programme in Bangladesh.

  • Study on current status and future options for university radio station in Rwanda. 

  • Media training and gaming consultant for IOM.

  • Team lead for a capability mapping of Fiji media.

  • Feasibility study of information needs of internally displaced persons in Cameroon and Nigeria.

  • Feasibility of a global safety certification label for news organizations.


I'm a member of International Media Development Advisers, a group of senior international development specialists.