My story

I began my professional career as a broadcast journalist and worked for CTV (London bureau and 1994 Olympics) before joining the CBC's network morning program in 1995 as a producer.


Several years later while doing a fellowship in Tennessee, I was offered (and I accepted) a job teaching broadcast journalism at Middle Tennessee State University for one year. Little did I know I would fall in love with teaching, inspiring, mentoring and sharing with students and colleagues and so accepted a permanent position at the University of Central Florida.


Fellowships to Rwanda (2003) and Morocco (2005) inspired a move to international work and today, over 15 years later, I continue to pursue my passion of working with journalists around the world to ensure they can do their work safely and professionally.

After ten years based overseas (Ghana, Egypt and Austria), I am now living in Hawaii and am learning about yet another region -- the Pacific. This region is often ignored yet faces significant challenges -- challenges that an independent and professional media are critical in helping to highlight and to ensure these challenges are addressed. 

My Philosophy
My Recent Gigs

I am passionate about what I do. I believe in the importance of a free and professional media and journalists that have the capacity and resources to tell the stories of their communities. 


I am committed to working with partners to meet their needs.

I am not afraid of challenges -- in fact, I thrive on complex problems, challenging environments and difficult assignments. 


Training and gaming consultant
Reporting on Migration in West Africa


Team Lead - Fiji media capacity mapping

PACMAS, ABC International Development

Consultant - Feasibility study of community engagement project for IDPs in Cameroon & Nigeria


“Michelle is a new, dynamic and visionary leader in the area of skill building for professional broadcast journalists ... I'm fortunate to have her as a colleague and confidant and always consult with her in all areas of professional training for journalists.” Doug Mitchell, Founder NPR's Next Generation Radio

Consultant - Feasibility of global safety certification label for media houses


“As a strategic thinker, Michelle manages to combine a deep knowledge of media development with extensive field experience. During field missions, I had the opportunity to see Michelle as a dynamic and talented facilitator in her working relationships with local partners.” Martin Landi, IREX

Michelle Betz

International Media Development

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